Thursday, 16 June 2011

exhibit! 2011

And here the YEAR comes to an end... Overall an amazing experience as a student and loads of fun. The exhibit! 2011 is on and so the year end exhibition in the school.

More updates will follow soon..... Stay tuned ;)

Friday, 28 January 2011

Another TERM is OVER

Another term is finally over. I hope it must be an fruitful one for all the international students especially. For me personally it was an ultimate learning experience. My Environmental Design module finally came to an end yesterday with an exhibition at Highfields School at Matlock. All our proposals from 11 groups were displayed there for visitors, and it was a real joy for all of us being a part of it.

At Highfields School...

And I wish all the Groups of STB (Sustainable Tall Building) module 'All the Best' for the 'isover' competition. They really worked well and hard. Sorry for not being aware of other modules, I hope people will come out and post something in the FORUM page to put some light.

See you in the 'Spring Term' lectures.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year

Hello everyone,

Finally the decade came to an end along with the vacation time. Wish you all a GRAND year ahead and all the best for your submissions and exams.


Thursday, 30 December 2010

Welcome '2011'

The year 2010 is about to end, and with the new year new year bash and resolutions our new term is also about to start. I bet, everyone must be busy for their all kind of term end submissions. For me personally it was an overall good year, with the most important thing, joining my Masters course here in University of Nottingham and gathering all new experience.
How was YOURS!!!

Wish you all a GRAND year ahead...

Department of Architecture and Built Environment,exhibit,exhibit 2010,exhibit Nittingham,Nottingham,Nottingham University,Nottinham Snow,Snow 2010,University of Nottingham
Download High Resolution HERE.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

History of 'Paton House'

This 1884 structure was built for Samuel Herrick Sands by Evans and Jolly. Samuel was a lace and hosiery manufacturer as well as a director of National Telephone Company and Nottingham Patent Brick Company and  also chairman of Nottingham  Joint Stock Bank and Nottingham Suburban Railway Company.
This brick building 'West Hill House' has a large canopy over the main entrance and Baroque style interior.

Herbert D Snook acquired the house in 1904 and named it 'The Cedars'. He was a director of his family clothing firm, J Snook and Company. During his 40 years of resident, the cottage style lodge house at Derby road was occupied by his chauffeurs. His widow later sold it to 'Paton Congregational College'.

It was named 'Paton House' in honor of J B Paton, founder of the theological college, 'Paton Congregational College'. The college was moved to Manchester in 1968 and the building was taken over by University's Department of Architecture which is now 'Department of Architecture and Built Environment'.


Source: The Historic Houses of University Park, The University of Nottingham Compiled by Janet Jones, 1998

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


'Hallward Library' is one of UK's finest Library Building and it houses most of the Architectural Books in the University. And some important reference can be found at the EEC resource room and some technical books can be found at 'George Green Library'.

Hallward Library
Nottingham,University of Nottingham,Nottingham Snowfall,2010,Nottingham First Snow 2010,Snowfall in UK,Nottingham student guide
It is named after Dr Bertrand Hallward, first vice-chancellor of the university and was opened in 1972. This building own a RIBA prize and was designed by Architect H. Faulkner-Brown.

360 Interior (BBC Home)

Contact Detail:
Hallward Library
University Park
Tel: 0115 95 14555

George Green Library
This library is named after famous self taught British mathematician and physicist of 18th century 'George Green' who was from Nottinghamshire. He was the first person to create a mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism. The famous Green's Windmill was built and owned by his father who was a baker.

Contact Detail:
George Green Library
University Park
Tel: 0115 951 4570

All the libraries only can be accessed by University Card. Printing, photocopying, scanning, individual study spaces, silent study zones, group study rooms, group study spaces, cafe, vending machines etc. are among the basic facilities available in all libraries.

Friday, 24 December 2010

And the 10 day vacation starts...

With the rings of the Christmas Bells, most of students are off to home for celebration. The school will also remain closed from 24th Dec 2010 to 3rd of Jan 2011, Even the 'Z Block'.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas again and have a fun filled vacation, see you soon :)

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